How Do You Use Plastic Syringes for Jello Shots?

Plastic syringes are used to hold Jello shot mixtures. Suck the mixture into the syringe by pulling the plunger. Fill the syringe and store it upright with the tip up in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours. Serve by placing the tip in the mouth and pushing the plunger.

Plastic syringes for Jello shots do not have needles. They are available in a variety of sizes such as 1.5-ounce (medium) and 2.5-ounce (large) syringes. Some Jello shot syringe manufacturers, such as EZ-Inject, also include tip caps and a custom-built racking tray with their products. This makes the shots more fun and easier to serve in parties or other special occasions.