How Do You Use a Mirro Cookie Press?

To use a Mirro cookie press, unscrew the cap, insert desired plate or tip, replace the cap, unscrew the plunger and plunger cap, and fill the press with cookie dough. Screw on the plunger cap, place the press on a cookie sheet, turn the handle to form a cookie, and lift the press to cut the dough.

To make cookies using a Mirro cookie press, use soft and pliable cookie dough at room temperature. To open the cookie press, unscrew the cap at the opposite end of the plunger to insert the plate or tip needed to make the desired cookie shape. To secure the plate or tip, insert it numbered side up, and turn it slightly so the notches hold it. Replace the cap, and then unscrew the plunger cap to insert the cookie dough.

Pack the cookie press firmly with cookie dough to avoid air pockets, and then screw the plunger cap back on. Stand the cookie press on an ungreased cookie sheet, and turn the handle to form a cookie. For best results, do not raise the press until enough dough is present to form a cookie. Lift the press to cut the dough, and repeat until the press is empty.

Cookies made in a press are more tender than cookies formed by hand. If the cookie dough is too soft to maintain its shape, add 1 or 2 tablespoons of flour. If it is too stiff, add 1 egg yolk.