How Do You Use a Meat Cooking Time Calculator?

How Do You Use a Meat Cooking Time Calculator?

To use a meat time cooking thermometer, select an appropriate thermometer for the kind of meat being cooked. Enter information about the meat and cooking style in to the calculator.

In the case of's turkey cooking time calculator, the steps to use it are:

  1. Check browser capability

    The calculator requires the use of Javascript. Make sure this script is downloaded and enabled on your browser.

  2. Enter weight of meat

    Check the weight of the turkey. If purchased from a food store, this will be written on the label. Enter the weight in pounds and ounces in the appropriate box.

  3. Select how well-done

    Choose how well-done you want the turkey to be. Options are "normal," "well done" and "lean."

  4. Choose cavity options

    Select how, if at all, the turkey will be stuffed. Options are "unstuffed," "stuffed" and "moisturized/partial."

  5. Choose cooking speed

    Select the speed at which you would like to cook the turkey. Options are "normal," "fast" and "slow."

  6. Adjust the percent efficiency factor

    The percent efficiency factor reflects whether an oven is more or less efficient than average. A positive efficiency factor represents a more efficient oven and will give a lower cooking time, and vice versa for a negative number.

  7. Click "calculate"

    Click on the "calculate" button to process the input information. This will provide a time in minutes for use with timers that use digital minutes. It will also show the time in minutes and hours.