How Do You Use Kraft Paper Rolls?


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Kraft paper rolls are rolls of thick, course, brown paper that can be used in many different ways. Used as industrial packaging, grocery bags and children's play-mats, kraft paper rolls are quite versatile in their functions. The paper is easily used by simply unrolling it from the roll around which it is wrapped.

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One can use kraft paper rolls for industrial packaging; for example, the paper is frequently used to wrap flour, cement, food and other consumer goods, as well as for sales packaging on items such as grocery bags and envelopes. The rolls are also used for electrical insulation in transformers and as the base paper for sandpaper.

Kraft paper can also be useful around the house, as it can be used for crafts, photographic backgrounds, gift and parcel wrapping paper, children's play-mats, place mats and easy disposable table clothes.

Kraft paper is also frequently used in the fine art industry to wrap pieces of artwork, as it protects framed items from scratching against one another and damaging the glass. It also protects unframed pieces from the elements when they are being transported outside.

Use the paper for almost any reason by simply by unrolling it from the roll around which it is wrapped.

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