How Do You Use a Kitchen Planner?

Many online kitchen planner tools take a step-by-step approach, which guides the homeowner through categories such as kitchen layout, design, cabinetry and accessories. Design choices may be saved, if the homeowner creates an account before using the tool. After creating a complete kitchen design with the planner, a kitchen design professional can be contacted to discuss remodeling options.

A kitchen planner helps a homeowner create a vision for her new kitchen. The tool can be used for planning a complete renovation, or adding or removing specific elements in the kitchen. Planning starts with the kitchen layout. Common kitchen layout plans are the galley, which dominates one wall; G-shape, which makes great use of counter space; L-shape, which avoids unwanted foot traffic; and U-shape, which is spacious and roomy enough for an island. Users can decide to keep an existing layout or create a new one.

After the floor plan is decided, it is easy to move on to cabinetry and appliances. The planner comes in handy in making choices as to what style of cabinets to select. Some kitchen planning tools provide photo galleries that feature numerous kitchens with cabinets of all sorts. Kitchen planners may also offer options to view individual products such as wall tile and cabinet door styles. Some allow users to create a 3D mock up design.