How Do You Use Gingerbread House Patterns?


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Use gingerbread house patterns as guides to help cut the gingerbread into the correct sizes and shapes for different components of a house. Gingerbread house patterns and instructions are available on SimplyRecipes.com, FoodNetwork,com and PickYourOwnChristmasTree.org.

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How Do You Use Gingerbread House Patterns?
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Simply Recipes offers patterns for the roof, sides and chimney of a house. These patterns are sized proportionally, so you shouldn't need to edit them in any way before printing them out. The guides also list the dimensions of each house component, so you can measure and cut pieces of cardboard to create a pattern. Before creating the gingerbread pieces, assemble the cardboard cut-outs to ensure that the house fits together correctly.

To create gingerbread house components, place the cardboard shapes over the baked gingerbread and trace the shapes with a knife. Repeat this process with each separate shape until you have cut all of the necessary pieces.

Food Network's gingerbread house recipe offers the dimensions of each component in inches. To create this gingerbread house, measure and cut the gingerbread to match the described dimensions. Spread royal icing along the edges of the components before putting them together. The icing acts as glue for the gingerbread house. Decorate the house with candy as desired.

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