How Do You Use Frozen Fruit in Pies?


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To use frozen fruit in pie, adjust the length of time needed to cook the pie. Frozen fruit requires a longer baking time than fresh or canned fruit. Less care is necessary when mixing the fruit in if using frozen fruit. It is less delicate than fresh fruit and can be mixed in quickly.

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When baking pie made with frozen fruit, bake as the recipe calls for and then lower the temperature of the oven by fifty degrees. Slide a baking sheet beneath the pie pan and cook for an additional 25 to 40 minutes. If glazing the pie, do not add the glaze until the last 30 minutes of cooking.

Pies made with fresh fruit require approximately 1/4 cup thickener. The type of thickener determines the difference between an opaque filling and a clearer filling and the amount determines runny versus jam-like filling. Frozen fruit requires twice the amount of thickener, as it releases more liquid than fresh or canned fruit.

Many recipes call for frozen fruit due to it being available year-round. The fruit is flash-frozen at low temperatures to preserve the texture. If a recipe calls for defrosted frozen fruit, mix the fruit into the pie mixture as called for and then allow it to sit for 45 minutes, or until partially thawed but still icy.

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