How Do You Use Fresh Salmon in a Recipe Instead of Canned Salmon?


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Fresh salmon fillets and steak cuts can be grilled, broiled, poached, and pan-fried along with fresh herbs and spices. Fresh salmon is also ideal for smoked and sushi recipes.

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How Do You Use Fresh Salmon in a Recipe Instead of Canned Salmon?
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Filleted salmon may be served using the tail cut, top loin or the whole long-side cut. These cuts are good for recipes that involve grilling, poaching and oven-cooking. A salmon fillet seasoned with salt and pepper may be grilled at medium-high heat for around five minutes per side, along with onion rings and peaches. Plate and serve the grilled salmon with the onions and peaches, and then drizzle with a vinaigrette made up of vinegar, sliced ginger, chopped fresh thyme, 3 tablespoons of oil, salt and pepper.

Broiling a salmon fillet takes around eight to 10 minutes. Spooning sauce recipes over the salmon, seasoned with salt and pepper, is ideal during the last two minutes of broiling. A simple glaze is comprised of sugar and soy sauce. Another recipe for broiled salmon includes a rub composed of paprika, thyme, minced garlic, salt and pepper. When preparing to broil, always drizzle the pan with oil to prevent the salmon from sticking and drying.

Fresh salmon steak cuts can be grilled and pan-fried using melted butter or olive oil, along with orange and lemon extracts, topped with rosemary leaves. Poached fresh salmon may be sliced into cubes, and incorporated into vegetable chowders and green salads.

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