How Do You Use an Egg Poacher?


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The easiest egg poachers to learn to use are metal poachers that fit into an ordinary pan. Usually, poachers have four cups for holding raw eggs. Measure water into the pan so that it doesn’t touch the cups. Bring the water to a simmer, place the egg poacher into the pan and cook the eggs for 2 to 6 minutes, depending on how firm you want the yolks.

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How Do You Use an Egg Poacher?
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Be gentle when cracking your eggs so that you don’t break the yolks. If you’re new to poaching eggs, you may want to grease the cups of your poacher to prevent sticking. Try not to break the egg yolks as you pour them into the cups. If you’re not going to use all of the cups, fill the empty ones with water. Chefs recommend covering the egg poacher during cooking. Use a knife to loosen the cooked eggs before you turn them out of the cups.

It’s also possible to poach eggs without a special pan. Fill a skillet about half full with salted water and bring it to a simmer. Crack your raw eggs into cups, and then gently pour them into the water one at a time. Cook the eggs 2 to 6 minutes. Then, use a slotted spoon to remove them from the water.

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