How Do You Use Dry Ice?


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Dry ice is used to make smoke or fog by placing it in a Styrofoam container with hot water. This task is easy, and the results are instant. Be aware this process increases carbon dioxide levels in the air.

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  1. Gather the materials

    You need a pair of protective gloves, a Styrofoam or insulated container, large pieces of dry ice, a hot water source and a fan to complete this task.

  2. Adjust the room temperature

    The best effects are achieved in lower room temperatures. Adjust the room temperature to make the room as cool as possible but still comfortable.

  3. Run a fan

    Because the smoke or fog hovers low to the ground, place a fan in a good position to distribute it. Turn it on.

  4. Add water to the container

    Add enough hot water to the container to cover the bottom.

  5. Add dry ice

    Wearing protective gloves, add large chunks of dry ice to the water. Adjust the water level, if necessary.

  6. Keep the water hot

    Make sure the water stays hot. Since the dry ice eventually cools it, dump and replace the water as necessary.

  7. Add more dry ice

    When the dry ice melts, add more for as long as you want to produce smoke or fog.

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