How Do You Use a Danish Dough Whisk?


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You can use a Danish dough whisk to mix artisan breads and other heavy dough before you bake. Danish dough whisks have a three-loop design, allowing ingredients to flow through easily, leading to quick mixing with less effort. The sturdy construction of the Danish dough whisk allows it to be used in the same way that you would use any other whisk, firmly stirring all ingredients until they are well blended.

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How Do You Use a Danish Dough Whisk?
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  1. Prepare ingredients

    Find a bread recipe you want to make and gather the ingredients. A Danish dough whisk works with any bread or pastry dough so you can try many varieties.

  2. Mix ingredients

    Once all ingredients are placed in a bowl, use the Danish dough whisk to stir them together. Use quick, circular movements and stop once the ingredients are combined.

  3. Clean the whisk

    Wash the whisk as soon as you are done mixing the dough. Rinse first with cold water, not hot, to make dough removal easier, then use soap and hot water.

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