How Do You Use a Calculator to Estimate Cooking Time?


Cooking calculators use a few key details, including the cut of meat or poultry, its weight and the desired doneness. Once you input the details, the calculator can determine the approximate cooking times and temperatures to help with planning.

Cooking calculators can give you a close estimate of how long foods need to cook, although they are not a substitute for testing foods to be sure they are fully cooked. Many calculators include suggested or recommended tests for doneness and list the appropriate temperatures for rare, medium or well done meats and poultry.

Some calculators are meant for a range of meats.'s calculator works for beef, chicken, lamb, ham, pork and turkey. lets you select the type of meat and then enter the weight in either kilograms or pounds and ounces.

You can find online calculators that specialize in various types of meat., for example, has a calculator that can help you determine cooking times for your microwave based on number of slices and oven wattage. offers a calculator for turkey to help determine how much to buy, how long to thaw and how long to roast a turkey.

In addition to cooking calculators, you can find a number of timetables and cooking charts like those on for meats and poultry.