How Do You Use Butterball's Turkey Calculator?

Butterball offers its customers three handy calculators. One helps determine how large a turkey should be to determine portions, the other tells how long to thaw a turkey based on weight, and the third determines cooking time. Each calculator requires different information.

Visit Butterball's website and click "Calculators and Conversions" at the top of the screen to access all three calculators.

  1. Plan Perfect Portions
  2. Use the Plan Perfect Portions calculator to determine the size of the turkey to buy. Enter the number of adults and kids and choose either "We're big eaters" or "We're light eaters." The amount of turkey and stuffing will appear at the bottom of the calculator.

  3. How long to thaw
  4. Enter the size of the turkey in pounds to determine how long the turkey should thaw. Then select either "Refrigerator thawing" or "Cold water thawing" to see the result.

  5. How long to cook
  6. Determine how long the turkey should cook, enter in the weight. If the turkey is stuffed, click the button next to "Stuffed." Cooking time is based on an open roasting pan in a 325 degrees Fahrenheit oven.

At the bottom of Butterball's calculator page, the site provides conversion tables for dry and liquid measurements as well as a temperature conversion chart.