How Do You Use a Blender?

How Do You Use a Blender?

To use a blender, place the desired objects in the blender jar, firmly secure the lid, put the jar onto the base, and turn the blender to the required setting. Once everything is blended together, turn the blender off, and wait for the blades to stop turning before removing the jar or lid.

  1. Combine the ingredients in the jar

    Put any solids in the blender before liquids. This prevents splashing and is very important if you are blending hot liquids. Do not fill the blender with the jar already on the base, because if the jar isn't properly secured, it can become imbalanced and fall. If blending hot liquids, do not fill more than half of the jar. The liquid and steam can escape the lid and may cause burns.

  2. Secure all parts of the blender

    Place the lid on the jar, and ensure that it is tightly sealed to prevent leakage. When placing the jar on the base, use two hands to ensure that the jar doesn't slip.

  3. Blend the ingredients

    Place your hand on the lid to keep the blender of rocking. If blending hot items, cover the lid with a clean towel first. Turn the blender to a low setting and increase speed as necessary to achieve the desired consistency of ingredients. If blending solids, occasionally turn off the blender if the ingredients are piling around the blades. Remove and shake the jar to get the solids to resettle.