What Are Some Unique Ideas for Fancy Fruit Trays?


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Some unique ideas for fancy fruit trays include making a fruit bouquet with fruit kabobs and arranging the fruit in the shape of a bunny. In addition, organizing the fruit in neat lines, based on color, with berry decorations is another unique way to design a fruit tray.

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To make a fruit bouquet with fruit kabobs, the chef uses cookie cutters to cut shapes of fruit out of melon, pineapple and watermelon. Common shapes are stars and flowers. The chef places each shape at the end of a kabob. She then fills the rest of the kabob with an assortment of berries. Each of the kabobs attach firmly to an apple that becomes the centerpiece of the fruit tray. Additional pieces of fruit surround the centerpiece on the floor of the tray.

To make a bunny-shaped fruit tray, a chef uses chopped pineapple to create the outline of the bunny and most of the bunny's face. Chopped strawberries create the bunny's ears with kiwi surrounding the strawberries for a color accent. Blueberries work well to create dark-colored eyes and long whiskers make the finishing touch. Other fruit in contrasting colors surrounds the bunny outline to complete the pattern and offer a variety of fruit options for guests.

Another unique fruit tray design is chopping the fruit thin and then arranging the fruit in long, vertical lines. For this design, the chef cuts all of the fruit to the same thickness. Watermelon comprises the middle row of fruit with other layers of fruit surrounding the watermelon, also arranged vertically. Fresh berries create a border or add an attractive garnish on top of the cut fruit.

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