What Unique Foods Have a Name That Begins With the Letter "L"?


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Some exotic fruits and vegetables that begin with "L" include longan, loquat, lovage and luffa gourd. Other types of unusual foods that begin with "L" are Liederkrantz cheese and lutefisk, also known as lyefish.

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Liederkrantz cheese is a semi-soft cheese made from cow's milk that was invented in New York in 1882. The cheese pairs well with beer, dark bread and onions. Boren Foods owns the trademark for this cheese, and the company is its sole producer. Lutefisk, or lyefish, is dried cod rehydrated in lye until it gains the consistency of gelatin. Norwegian-Americans traditionally serve this food on holidays; it is prepared by boiling or baking and is served with butter, salt and pepper.

The luffa gourd, which originated in India and is now commonly grown in Florida, is also referred to as California okra, Chinese okra and loofah. The gourd grows in smooth-fruited or angled varieties, which have different uses. Although bitter luffa gourds are poisonous, the smooth varieties can be eaten when they are under 6 inches and either raw or in a cooked preparation similar to squash. Mature fruits of the angled variety can be used as sponges after they are soaked, peeled, bleached and sun-dried.

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