What Are Some Unique Baby Shower Diaper Cake Ideas?

What Are Some Unique Baby Shower Diaper Cake Ideas?

A tutu, bouquet or any pink-based diaper cake is appropriate for a girl's baby shower. Nautical, motorcycle or any blue-based diaper cake is appropriate for boys. Gender-neutral diaper cakes include animal, music or tricycle diaper cakes.

A diaper cake is a baby shower centerpiece made out of rolled diapers and decorations. Typically they are stacked in tiers like a real cake, though unique designs include different layouts.

The tutu diaper cake starts with five tiers of diapers held together with pink ribbon. In between each layer is pink shredded paper. The cake is topped with a tiara. A pink tutu surrounds the bottom tier.

The nautical diaper cake is similar except it's three tiers held together with blue and green ribbon. Nautical designs such as anchors, fish and ships decorate the ribbon. A lighthouse and shells top the cake.

The bouquet diaper cake is an example of an alternate layout. Rolled up diapers, bibs, vests, socks and sleepers sit in a basket lined with a pink blanket. Artificial flowers nestle in between. A similar layout can transform this cake into a gender-neutral basket with an animal or music theme.

A motorcycle diaper cake is another alternative layout. The diapers form two wheels held together with changing mats. A blanket holds the two wheels together, while another changing mat anchors the handlebars. Bibs serve as the bumpers, and bottle brushes as the exhaust pipes. A similar construction transforms this cake into a gender-neutral tricycle.