What Are Some Unconventional Ways to Cook Salmon?


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Using acid-based chemicals as in ceviche or kinilaw, poaching in olive oil and heating sous vide are unconventional methods of cooking salmon. Cooking with centrifuges, liquid nitrogen and other modernist cuisine methods require highly technical equipment that is typically out of reach of home cooks.

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Heating food causes denaturing, firming food texture and intensifying flavor. Acids also denature food. Ceviche is a South American dish that uses lemon, lime or other citrus juices to cook the salmon. Pacific Island variants add coconut milk to the citrus. Kinilaw is a version from the Philippines using vinegar rather than citrus acid to denature the salmon.

Poaching in broth is a classic French method using a water bath to heat the fish gently. It takes into account the delicate nature of salmon, which dries out or falls apart using heartier approaches. A different style of poaching involves baking the salmon immersed in olive oil, yielding fish with intense seafood flavor and a silky texture.

The modernist cuisine technique, sous vide, vacuum seals food in plastic and slowly warms it at a constant temperature over time. It is the most labor- and technology-intensive of these unique methods, requiring a vacuum sealer and a temperature-controlled bath. Sous vide results in salmon with brilliant color, natural juices and soft texture.

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