What Are Some Uncommon Citrus Fruits and Vegetables?


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Clementines, calamansi, bergamot and satsuma are less-known citrus fruits from the orange family. Exotic types of lemons and limes include kabosu, limequat and Kaffir lime.

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Citrus fruit usually comes from countries with warm climates. Limequat is a type of small Mexican lime with a sweet juice, sometimes also found in parts of Florida. Kaffir limes are common in Asian countries and widely used as cooking ingredients. Bergamot oranges are small and famous for the characteristic scent of their skin. Desert lime is another unusual type of citrus fruit, commonly found in the driest parts of Australia. In America, Key limes have a different appearance and taste when compared to the most common types of limes found in stores. Key limes take their name from the Florida Keys, where they are cultivated and used in local cooking.

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