What Is Ultra Foods' Refund Policy?

What Is Ultra Foods' Refund Policy?

Ultra Foods accepts all returns with a receipt and issues the customer a full refund, as of June 2015. If the customer doesn't have a receipt, the store issues cash for purchases under $10 and a store credit for purchases over $10.

Returns for items over $10 without a receipt are accepted at the discretion of store management. Store credits are issued on a gift card. The customer can also opt for an exchange and receive an identical item, whether or not he has a receipt.

Ultra Foods has a 200 percent guarantee on the freshness of perishable products. If the customer isn't satisfied and has a receipt, the store issues a full refund and provides a replacement product.

Although Ultra Foods sells money orders, it can't refund them as it's only a selling agent. Customers must obtain refunds through the issuer of the money order, such as Western Union or Currency Express. Customers must pay for money orders by cash or credit card, and money transfers by cash only.

For grocery products, payment methods accepted at Ultra Foods include cash, personal checks, gift cards, EBT, and debit or credit cards. Ultra Foods may require a form of identification to accept a personal check, and it also reserves the right to refuse checks.