How Is a Typical Vodka Martini Garnished?


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Traditional garnishes for classic martinis include olives or lemon twists. Olives are usually on a cocktail pick, while lemon twists are on the rim of the glass.

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Although many variations of martinis exist, traditional martinis are classic cocktails that first used gin and different amounts of vermouth according to individual preference. The development of vodka martinis soon followed for those who dislike the strong, unique flavor of gin.

Although the origins of the cocktail are unclear, martini recipes started showing up in cocktail guides around the latter part of the 19th century. Because gin was easy to illegally manufacture during the Prohibition years, the martini became a popular drink in speakeasies and other under-the-table enterprises. The martini remains a popular drink today, and classic cocktail lovers still enjoy them with a twist or an olive.

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