What Are Some Typical Subway Specials?


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Typical Subway specials include the Simple $6 menu, which offers patrons the choice of six different 6-inch submarine sandwiches, a bag of potato chips and a soda for only $6. In the past Subway offered a $5 footlong deal, although this was discontinued in 2014. Occasionally, Subway will offer $6 footlong deals, as of 2015.

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There are six 6-inch submarine sandwiches available on the Simple $6 menu, as of 2015. These include black forest ham, Italian B.M.T., meatball marinara, sweet onion chicken teriyaki, tuna and turkey breast. Customers can pick their choice of bread, cheese, vegetables and condiments for each sandwich, as well as a soda and a side of chips of their choice. The black forest ham, turkey breast and tuna sandwiches feature deli-sliced ham and turkey and tuna, respectively; the Italian B.M.T. includes Genoa salami, spicy pepperoni and black forest ham; meatball marinara features Italian-style meatballs drenched in marinara sauce; sweet onion chicken teriyaki is a blend of teriyaki glazed chicken strips and sweet onion sauce.

Subway also offers a special "Sub of the Day" promotion, which features a different sub each day for a low price. The fast food restaurant also has a "Sub of the Month," which is subject to change each month. These are offered either at a low price or at a regular price.

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