What Is the Typical Price for 10 Pounds of Potatoes?

Potatoes, as with any crop, are always subject to price changes, but a ten-pound bag of the crop typically averages close to the $10 range. In states where the crop is a staple of the economy, primarily Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Maine, potatoes have long been inexpensive, readily available and are an important staple of the local populace. Factors affecting price include the total output of the crop and reports analyzing whether potato crops throughout the United States will be subject to inclement weather, pests or other adverse conditions.

With this in mind, the total amount of money paid to farmers for potatoes in the form of government subsidies and other payments can also affect the price of potatoes, regardless of the amount produced. Of course, stores are also free to set their own prices. Prices are regularly updated by the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service.