What Are Some Typical Inventory Items for Convenience Stores?


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In the United States, convenience stores typically sell junk food, lottery tickets, cigarettes and beverages. They also often sell magazines, newspapers and staple items, such as milk, eggs and butter.

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Many convenience stores also offer ready-to-eat food such as breakfast sandwiches, hot dogs and deli sandwiches, in addition to foodstuffs such as chips and candy bars. Depending on local laws, convenience stores also often offer beer, wine and spirits in addition to soft drinks of various types. They also usually offer basic toiletry and personal grooming items, such as toilet paper, paper towels and feminine hygiene products. Over-the-counter medication, such as painkillers and allergy medication are also popular, often in smaller packages as a single dosage. They also sometimes offer basic automotive items, such as motor oil, especially when they are attached to gas stations.

Since convenience stores are geared more towards convenience than size or variety, there are often several trade-offs when compared to traditional supermarkets. These include a lower selection, often with only one or two brands of many staple items, as well as higher prices, often significantly so.

Most convenience stores also offer access to an automatic teller machine, though other banking systems are usually not available.

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