What Are the Typical Ingredients in Cream of Broccoli Soup?


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A typical cream of broccoli soup recipe calls for broccoli, butter, cream, onions, salt and pepper. Nutmeg and chicken or vegetable broth are also included. Some recipes use flour as a thickener, while others add additional ingredients, such as cheese and potatoes.

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What Are the Typical Ingredients in Cream of Broccoli Soup?
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Typical cream of broccoli soup recipes follow the same formula: browning the onions in butter, simmering the cooked onions, adding the nutmeg and broccoli in the chicken or vegetable stock until the broccoli is tender, and pureeing the soup until the broccoli and onions reach the desired texture. After this step, dairy ingredients, such as cream and cheese, are added to the soup and heated until they are warmed through. Cream of broccoli soup recipes that use flour call for less cream than others, because the combination of butter and flour thickens the soup much as additional cream content does.

Seasoning the soup with salt and pepper is a matter of taste. Some recipes call for these ingredients to be added alongside the nutmeg, while other recipes direct the cook to add salt and pepper at the very end, just before serving. The texture of the soup can still be changed at this point in the cooking process, by either using a blender to puree further or thinning the soup with additional stock.

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