What Are Typical Aspects of Chamorro Food Recipes?


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Chamorro cuisine comes from the Marianas, islands in the Pacific Ocean including Guam, Rota, Tinian and Saipan. The food has been influenced by several nations over the years, including Spain, the Philippines and the US. Red rice, seafood, meat and spam are key components to this cuisine.

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Red rice is a common Chamorro food. It is cooked with anchote seeds to give it color, and garlic and onions are usually added. Kelaguen is a dish in which seafood, meat or spam is cooked with lemon juice, onions, local hot peppers, salt and sometimes coconut. The locals also barbecue many different meats and serve empanadas. The empanadas and spam are leftover Spanish and American influences incorporated into their culinary world and contribute to a diverse and unique Pacific Island cuisine.

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