What Types of Water Softeners Are Sold by EcoWater?


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EcoWater Systems offers two main types of water softeners: A one-tank, cabinet-style system that takes up less space and a two-tank system that has more hard water capacity. EcoWater offers several product lines for both types of tanks.

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Cabinet-style systems include the ECR 3500 series, ESM series, ESD 518 and the Canada-exclusive ESD 525. Two-tank product lines include the ECR 3502 series, ESD 2502 series and EEC 1502 series. The company also offers the ESS 1000 series, a completely customizable nonresin-based product.

Water softeners remove minerals such as calcium, magnesium and sediment from the water supply in order to make water-using appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines more efficient. EcoWater recommends that all potential customers receive advice from certified EcoWater Pros before deciding what kind of water-softening system is needed.

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