Which Types of Rice Are Gluten-Free?


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All rice varieties are gluten-free. Other grains that do not contain gluten include corn, amaranth, millet, quinoa and sorghum. These grains appear in many gluten-free casseroles, salads and other dishes. When pulverized, they are also popular substitutes for wheat flour.

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Brown rice is a popular ingredient in gluten-free cooking because it is nutritious and high in dietary fiber. Brown rice flour has a nutty flavor and a heavier texture than that of white rice flour, another popular alternative to wheat flour. Consequently, cooks often blend brown rice flour with another flour to produce a lighter end product.

White rice is less nutritious than brown rice because it does not include the hull. It also lacks the distinctive nutty flavor of brown rice. White rice flour produces lighter baked goods than those that contain brown rice flour.

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