What Types of Recipes Use Confectioners' Sugar Glaze?


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Confectioners' sugar glaze is most often used in dessert recipes, especially coffeecakes, pound cakes, pastries, sweet rolls and cookies. This sweet icing may be a simple paste of powdered sugar and water for cookies, or may be a richer blend for cakes and pastries with butter, milk and confectioners' sugar.

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What Types of Recipes Use Confectioners' Sugar Glaze?
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Some cookie, cake and pastry recipes use a confectioners' sugar glaze that is enhanced with additional flavors, such as vanilla extract, lemon juice or orange juice. The glaze can also be tinted with food coloring for a decorative touch. Cookies may be dipped in the glaze, it can be drizzled onto pastries using a spoon, or the mixture can be piped onto cakes using a pastry bag.

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