What Types of Products Does the McIlhenny Company Sell?


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Tobasco sauce and other spicy pepper based condiments and marinades along with bloody mary mix, chili starter, salsa, ice cream mix and jellies are some of the types of products produced and distributed by the Mcllhenny Company. The company also licenses its Tobasco seasoning to many other major food manufacturers to produce products for well-known brands such as Cheez-its, Slim Jims, A1 steak sauce, Spam and Jelly Bellies.

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The original Tobasco red sauce is the food product for which the company is most famous. It began production of the spicy red sauce on Avery, Island, Louisiana in the mid-1860s. The red Tobasco sauce made from the island's cayenne peppers was the primary food product produced by the Mcllhenny company until Paul Mcllhenny took over in 2000.

Paul Mcllhenny expanded the brand with the addition of other pepper based sauces, including green jalapeno, chipotle and habanero as well as flavored Tobasco sauces such as Buffalo style, garlic pepper, and sweet and spicy versions. As of 2015, the company now offers Tobasco brand steak sauce, grilling marinade, soy sauce, teriyaki sauce and Worcestershire sauce. There are several Tobasco barbecue sauce flavors available as well as a Caribbean style steak sauce.

The company also produces its own seasoning salt as a line of traditional condiments, including ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise. Tobasco Bloody Mary Mix is available in mildly seasoned and extra-spicy.

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