What Types of Products Does Lowery's Meat & Grocery Typically Carry?


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Lowery's Meat & Grocery, located in Buchanan, Michigan, is a full service grocer specializing in meat and meat products. With a renowned butcher counter where patrons wait for service, Lowery's is most famous for its meat, meat prices and old-style butcher service.

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While Lowery's is primarily known for its meat counter, it is also a full service grocer. Weekly specials, as advertised on the Lowery's website, tend to focus on bulk meat and seafood, with special prices on a given week for everything from whole New York strip loins to King Crab. However, the market also offers specials on its stock of milk, eggs, potatoes and other staples.

Lowery's sell its meat in bulk, and customers who have reviewed this grocer on the Yelp describe coming to Lowery's to stock up on meat and take advantage of its bulk prices. Weekly special prices are more often than not for 10 pounds or more of a particular product. Some customers rave about the old-style butcher service and are willing to wait up to an hour at the meat counter for service. After stocking up on meat, customers on Yelp note that they can get their other groceries at Lowery's, but the main reason they come is the meat. Lowery's is open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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