What Types of Products Are Available From Appleton Farms?

What Types of Products Are Available From Appleton Farms?

Appleton Farms sells dairy products, maple syrup, bread, beef and other fresh food products. The company also sells honey, crafts, artwork and community-supported agriculture memberships.

Appleton Farms specializes in dairy products including milk, yogurt and cheese. One of its most popular items is Great Pasture Pub Cheese, a fresh cheese spread. The farm's Briar Hill Butter is another top seller. Appleton Farms produces these products at its on-site dairy, using milk from the company's herd of Jersey cows.

Appleton Farms offers annual membership in its community-supported agriculture program. Members receive a grocery bag full of fresh produce for approximately 22 weeks per year. Each bag feeds a family of four. Crops included in this program include green beans, edamame, broccoli, cabbage and beets. Potatoes, onions, kale, winter squash and many other options are also available.

Membership in the community-supported agriculture program also permits subscribers to pick their own fruit and flowers from Appleton Farms' fields. Other benefits of membership include a weekly newsletter and invitations to seasonal events at the farm.

The Appleton Farms store is open throughout the year, and visitors are welcome. The store sells fresh dairy products, produce, artwork and seasonal gift items such as gourmet food assortments.