What Types of Italian Products Can You Buy in an Italian Bakery?


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Italian products available at an Italian bakery include pastries such as cannolis, hamantash, pizzelle cookies and sfogliatelle. An Italian bakery also sells biscotti, rainbow cookies, butter cookies, pignoli cookies and nut meringues.

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What Types of Italian Products Can You Buy in an Italian Bakery?
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Cannolis are Italian pastries made from flaky shells filled with cream and dusted with powdered sugar. The cream filling is usually made of vanilla or chocolate custard or a sweet ricotta cheese filling. Sometimes nuts or chocolate chips are added to the filling. Sfogliatelle is a flaky pastry filled with citrus ricotta and dusted with powdered sugar.

Butter cookies are a popular Italian dessert that have an light, airy texture and a buttery, slightly sweet taste. Often, butter cookies are dipped in chocolate or sandwiched with jam or dolloped with candied fruit. Rainbow cookies are green, white and red to mimic the Italian flag. The colored layers are made from an almond paste, butter and egg yolk batter separated by jam. The cookies are baked in loaves that are then covered in melted chocolate and cut into individual cookies. Pignoli cookies come from Sicily and are made with egg whites, sugar and almond paste. The dough is rolled in pine nuts and baked until the cookies are chewy.

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