What Types of Ham Does Gwaltney Foods Make?


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Gwaltney Foods makes several types of hams, including a honey-glazed spiral-sliced half ham and a brown sugar spiral-sliced half ham. The company also offers spiral-sliced whole hams with a honey-glazed or brown sugar flavor option.

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The Gwaltney Foods honey-glazed spiral-sliced half ham weighs about eight pounds and feeds up to ten people. The company slow cooks the ham before slicing it into convenient spirals, and customers can serve it warm or chilled. Customers can add the honey glaze with the included glaze packet. The brown sugar spiral-sliced half ham is made in the same manner and feeds the same number of people, but the glaze packet adds a brown sugar flavor. Gwaltney's whole ham is also offered with the same flavor options, but it weighs about 17 pounds and feeds up to 28 people.

To cook one of their hams, Gwaltney Foods suggests removing it from its packaging and reserving the juices. After pouring the juices over top of the meat and wrapping it in foil, the ham is roasted at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for a period of ten minutes per pound. To glaze the ham, customers can pour the provided glaze over the warm slices and allow them to sit for five minutes.

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