What Are Some Types of Greek Desserts?

Greek and Greek-inspired desserts range from simple Greek butter cookies to the more famous baklava and finikia. Baklava is probably the most famous of Greek desserts. This delicate pastry is made with phyllo dough, nuts and cinnamon, and then covered in a honey syrup after baking. Phyllo dough, a staple in Greek dessert making, is made with thin layers of flaky dough and is sold in the freezer section of grocery stores.

When choosing a dessert to pair with a traditional Greek dinner, choose based on the heaviness of the meal. A heavy meal calls for a light dessert while a light meal is a good pairing for a heavy dessert. Traditional desserts such as Baklava are always appropriate, as is frozen Greek yogurt with mint and honey.

Galataboureko is a popular and traditional Greek dessert consisting of a flavored custard layered into phyllo dough and then covered with a flavored syrup immediately after baking. Lemon flavor is a favorite. For chocolate lovers, the Serano chocolate cake, a Greek tourta, is a good choice because of its mousse-like filling and whipped cream. A Greek cookie, Koulourakia, is cookie-flavored with cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla. It is brushed with a beaten egg and dusted with sesame seeds before baking.