What Types of Giant Eagle Brand Cookies Are Available?

What Types of Giant Eagle Brand Cookies Are Available?

Cookies offered by Giant Eagle include cream-filled chocolate and golden sandwich cookies. Other popular cookie varieties include chocolate chip, ginger snaps, fig bars and vanilla wafers.

Giant Eagle offers multiple flavors of sandwich cookies, and in addition to chocolate and golden flavors, the company produces mint chocolate and peanut butter cream varieties. Double-filled chocolate and golden flavors include twice the amount of cream filling as the normal variety.

Four flavor varieties of Giant Eagle chocolate chip cookies are available. Fans of classic chocolate chip cookies can choose the original hard cookie, a chewy version or the chunky chocolate chip featuring larger chunks of chocolate. Giant Eagle candy chocolate chip cookies are a good choice for parties, because they include colorful candy-coated chocolate bits along with standard chocolate chips.

Graham cracker flavors include cinnamon and honey, and animal crackers are plain shortbread cookies shaped like zoo animals. The company also offers pecan shortbread cookies, which are light-colored and dotted with pieces of pecans. Ginger snaps are hard cookies that are a bit spicy due to their distinctive ingredients.

Fig bars are semi-soft cookies with a chewy fig fruit center. Giant Eagle also offers seasonal flavors, such as chocolate sandwich cookies with peppermint creme filling.