What Types of Foods Are Highly Alkaline?


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Fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts tend to be alkaline, which means they have a relatively high pH. Some diets may prohibit meat because it is believed to be "acid-forming," increasing the acid level and therefore the pH of a person's blood, but meat and poultry themselves also are alkaline.

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What Types of Foods Are Highly Alkaline?
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Cantaloupe and watermelon are particularly alkaline fruits. Some legumes and vegetables with especially low acid are garbanzo beans, lima beans, mushrooms, asparagus and cooked broccoli.

So-called alkaline diets are not promoted by mainstream medicine because the human body works to maintain the pH level of the blood -- for example, by excreting excess acid in urine -- and the diets may lower consumption of important substances. As of 2015, there is little or no evidence for the specific health claims of alkaline-forming diets. Most doctors do not believe that an alkaline diet can change a person's pH enough to be less hospitable to cancer, for instance.

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