What Types of Foods Do Germans Eat?


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Germans enjoy hearty meals at breakfast and lunch of cheese, sausage and bread or noodles, followed later by a lighter dinner. They also enjoy fast foods, such as bratwurst, burgers, pizza and French fries.

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German foods are very similar to American dishes, with a heavy preference for sausage and cheese. A typical breakfast can include bread, butter, marmalade, soft curd cheese and sausage. Those on-the-go may opt for cereal with milk, yogurt and fresh fruit.

The largest meal of the day is usually consumed between noon and 2 p.m., although some families eat this meal in the evening. Lunch consists of meat, such as sausage, schnitzel, pork or fish, and veggies, such as green beans, carrots, peas or cabbage. There is a light dinner eaten between 6 and 7 p.m. which is usually a collection of cold cuts, cheeses and pickled foods. A salad or soup may be served in addition to the platter. Germans wash this meal down with sparkling mineral water or fresh juice.

To help stave off hunger and keep from overeating at the main meals, Germans also have light snacks and tea breaks. School children do not have a traditional lunchtime meal, but a snack that is intended to help keep them from getting hungry. These snacks include small sandwiches, fruit, yogurt or a Muesli bar.

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