What Types of Food Are Rich in Nitric Oxide?

types-food-rich-nitric-oxide Credit: magnez2/E+/Getty Images

Some foods that are high in nitric oxide content are dark chocolate, watermelons, pomegranates, walnuts, brown rice, spinach, oranges, beets, cranberries and garlic. Nitric oxide is a chemical compound that relaxes the arteries and increases blood flow.

In medical circles, nitric oxide has been dubbed as the "Miracle Molecule", winning the "Molecule of the Year" award in 1992. The scientists who worked on it received a Nobel Prize for their research.

Nitric oxide is beneficial for the human body because it reaches virtually all major body systems. The various areas where the compound have produced health benefits include mental acuity, management of blood pressure, resistance to cancer, sexual drive, wound healing and even hair growth. Nitric oxide has also exhibited chemical properties that aid in losing weight, gaining strength and muscle endurance and fighting vascular diseases.

Sometimes it can be difficult to consume the right amount of nitric oxide from food alone. Consequently, pharmaceutical companies have manufactured high-quality nutritional supplements that boost nitric oxide production in the body. For people who are undergoing a strict diet or are always on the go, these food supplements can be effectively used. Most of these supplements contain L-arginine and L-Citrulline. These semi-essential amino acids directly lead to the production of nitric oxide.