What Types of Food Are Eaten in Brazil?


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Brazilian food varies significantly by region. There are five main regional cuisines: comida mineira based on pork, vegetables and beans; comida baiana which uses shellfish, hot peppers, palm oil and coconut milk; comida do sertão which uses dried meat, fruit and beans; comida gaúcha which is characterized by grilled meats; and comida amazônica, based on river fish and northern fruits.

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What Types of Food Are Eaten in Brazil?
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Feijoada, a stew made out of leftover pork parts, sausage, smoked ribs, beef jerky, beans and garlic, is common enough to stand in as a national dish, served by restaurants every Saturday all day. Some Brazilian fruits like mangos and acais are familiar to American tourists but go under their Brazilian names. Ice creams and juices based on these fruits are extremely popular.

Brazilian cuisine is very heavily meat-based, with a possible exception being made for the northeast and Amazonia which instead features seafood. There is also a wide selection of ethnic foods in large cities, notably Japanese food, due to some early colonization efforts.

Street food in Brazil can be dangerous to the unwary traveller, but many vendors have safe and hygienic practices and serve hard-to-find items. For example, in Salvador, only street stalls serve acaraje, a mix of fried beans with shrimp and hot pepper.

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