What Types of Food Are in a Chinese Market?

Groceries available from a Chinese supermarket include dried foods, instant dessert mixes, noodles, preserves, pickles, rice and prawn crackers, sauces, oils, snacks and sweets, according to Wai Yee Hong. It also sells drinks such as soft drinks, tea and alcohol.

Chinese supermarkets will generally include a section for fresh vegetable produce, according to The Woks of Life. Food available here includes leafy greens, scallions, peppers and mushrooms. A refrigerated aisle will sell other fresh produce such as tofu, noodles and rice cakes.

A meat section will likely include pork belly, ground pork, chicken and dried sausage. A butcher may be on hand to cut meat to size. Seafood such as fresh fish, crab, lobster and frog is also sold in Chinese markets. Crabs and lobsters may be sold live to ensure freshness.

Seafood is sold frozen as well as fresh, along with tofu and prepared vegetables. The frozen aisle also contains buns, dumplings, scallion pancakes and desserts such as ice cream and Popsicles. Ice cream flavors include mango, red bean and green tea.

The dry goods aisles contain condiments such as hot sauce and soy sauce, dried seaweed and mushrooms and snacks such as shrimp-flavored chips. Large supermarkets may also have a hot food and bakery section.