What Types of Food Does Bamboo Garden Serve?


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While many restaurants named Bamboo Garden specialize in traditional Cantonese and Szechuan dishes, Inchin's Bamboo Garden serves Chinese street food with pan-Asian and Indian influences. The chain's name is a fusion of India and China, and its food targets Indian families with memories of Chinese restaurants in India.

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Inchin's Bamboo Garden's menus vary by location, but all franchises offer the Indian cheese, paneer, pan-fried with ginger and garlic. Versions include the chili paneer with bell peppers and the lat-mai paneer with onions. Another Indian practice substitutes basmati rice for long-grain Chinese rice. Several dishes represent Thailand's cuisine, including peanut noodles, curry or spicy basil fried rice, available in vegetable, chicken, shrimp versions or with a lamb, shrimp and chicken blend. Nasi goreng, or shrimp paste, is one example of Malaysian and Indonesian food.

The company pulls recipes from all areas of China, taking advantage of regional ingredients and cooking techniques. Shanghai potatoes, Mongolian cauliflower, Szechuan barbecue and Hakka noodles are some of its unusual offerings.

Inchin's Bamboo Garden serves clients with unique nutritional requirements. The chain has an extensive selection of vegetarian meals, featuring dishes such as sweet corn soup, vegetable tulips and ginger chili tofu. Many of its items are gluten free. All meat is Halal, meeting requirements for acceptable food under Islamic dietary law.

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