What Are Some Types of Edible Mushrooms?


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Edible mushrooms are plentiful throughout the world, with the most popular varieties including portobellos, crimini and porcini. According to GardenGuides.com, each mushroom species offers unique nutritional benefits. However, most are high in antioxidants and protein and low in fat.

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What Are Some Types of Edible Mushrooms?
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Epicurious includes portobellos on its list of popular edible mushrooms. Frequently used in Italian cuisine, these mushrooms are dense and rich in flavor. Many people marinate and grill the caps. Shiitake mushrooms are light in aroma and flavor, while chanterelles are savory with an aroma reminiscent of apricots. Young portobellos are known as crimini. While less mature than portobellos, these mushrooms are equally firm and meaty. Porcini, which are especially valued in France and Italy, are smooth and woodsy in flavor.

GardenGuides.com notes that enoki, or enokitake mushrooms are easily grown at home in glass jars. They offer a mild flavor that makes a good addition to stir-fry and soup. Hen of the Woods mushrooms are used both in cooking and for their medicinal qualities. Lion's Mane mushrooms are frequently described as tasting like lobster. Those who cook or enjoy gourmet foods consider the morel among the finer mushrooms. This type is often paired with cream- and butter-based dishes. Oyster mushrooms are among the easier varieties to grow, owing to their ability to thrive in a wide variety of conditions.

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