What Are Some Types of Dried Beans?


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Some types of dried beans are azuki beans, mung beans, black beans and kidney beans. Kidney beans are high in folate, copper, manganese and protein. They are also high in fiber, which helps reduce cholesterol levels.

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One caveat with red kidney beans is that they should not be eaten raw, as they contain a toxin called phytohenagglutinin. However, thorough cooking breaks down the toxin.

Black beans, named for their color, are also high in fiber and have so much protein that they are a good dietary choice for vegetarians. Their soluble and insoluble dietary fiber helps promote good digestive health and regulates blood glucose levels. They also have more antioxidants than other beans.

Mung beans are small green beans used in Asian cuisine. They are available split or whole. Much like lentils, they require soaking before cooking, and they cook quickly. Cooks also use Azuki beans in Asian cooking, especially the cuisines of Japan and China. They are tiny, reddish beans with white ridges. These beans require soaking overnight, and they cook in about an hour. To reduce some of the stomach discomfort that comes from eating beans, some cooks recommend placing a strip of kombu seaweed in with the adzuki beans as they cook.

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