What Are Some Types of Donuts at The Donut House?


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The Donut House, which has three locations in Colorado, features a wide variety of donuts, such as classic cake donuts, fritters, donuts that it calls legends and hybrid donuts. The classic donuts come with extra toppings at no extra charge upon request. These include sprinkles, coconut, cinnamon crumbs and nuts.

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Classic cake donuts come with the option of four different toppings: vanilla, chocolate, maple and cherry. Other traditional donuts are old-fashioned donuts and raised donuts. These come with the same toppings as the cake donuts, with the addition of a blueberry topping offered on the old-fashioned donut.

Fritters come in apple, blueberry or cherry flavors. The legend donuts are available in fruit spread varieties, which means that fresh strawberries or blueberries along with cream are spread on a raised donut. Another legend is called Death by Chocolate. It has a chocolate cream on a raised donut. Peanut Butter Brownie has peanut butter and brownie pieces on a raised donut. Marshmallow Rice uses a raised donut and is topped with rice crisps and marshmallow.

Hybrid donuts combine the idea of a donut with croissants. One is called the Croissant Donut Bar. It is a bar-shaped croissant that is glazed like a donut. Cronut holes are bite-sized pieces of the Croissant Donut.

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