What Type of Retailers Sell Corn Gluten Meal?


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Types of retailers that sell corn gluten meal are those that have garden centers or focus on home improvement. In stores such as Home Depot, corn gluten meal is sold alongside products that kill weeds. Online retailers such as Earth Easy that focus on certified organic and non-GMO products also have corn gluten meal available.

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Corn gluten meal is available in various forms. Many retailers carry a liquefied form in a spray bottle for targeted applications. It is also available in an unprocessed form, which can be applied by hand or using a seeder. Granulated corn gluten meal should be placed using a spreader, while the pelletized version can be spread by hand. All forms are pre-emergents, meaning that the product does not kill grown weeds but prevents new ones from sprouting.

Apply corn gluten meal at least twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. Each application keeps weeds at by for four to six weeks. Corn gluten meal must be wetted with a small amount of water after application in order to be effective, but it requires a drying period and should not be applied if heavy rain is forecasted. While retailers market corn gluten meal to those who wish to control weeds in their yards, people can also use corn gluten meal in gardens. They should first fill their gardens with mature plants so they do not suppress the crop yield along with the weeds.

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