What Type of Products Are on Popeyes Chicken Menu?


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The Popeye's chicken menu includes chicken sandwiches, drumsticks and tenders; consumers find chicken prepared Louisiana-style - marinated first, then breaded with breadcrumbs and fried. Popeye's serves several popular styles of chicken, including legs, wings and thighs. Popeye's offers consumers the choice of spicy or mild chicken; chefs prepare spicy chicken in an original hot marinade, and finish mild chicken with assorted seasonings.

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What Type of Products Are on Popeyes Chicken Menu?
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Popeye's, also called Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen, dates its foundation to 1972 in Louisiana. It serves several types of food, focusing primarily on chicken and seafood. Its primary poultry dish, Bonafide chicken, comes in a spicy or mild sauce, like Popeye's' other chicken dishes. Consumers may choose chicken alone, or supplement their meals with other Popeye's cuisine, such as biscuits and gravy. Popeye's also offers family-style meals, which include large portions of classic Southern comfort food, such as biscuits, rice and assorted fried chicken pieces.

Popeye's gains recognition primarily for its fried chicken, but its other foods prove popular, too. The Cajun-style seafood selection draws fans, as do the Cajun rice and gravy mixes. Popeye's' food classifies as fast food, but the chain makes some modifications to make its options healthier. It now offers healthier biscuits, free of unhealthy fats, along with low-fat French fries. Popeye's' restaurants appear nationwide, and the chain operates international franchises, too.

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