What Type of Products Are Available From The Swiss Colony?

What Type of Products Are Available From The Swiss Colony?

The Swiss Colony produces desserts, coffee, meats, cheeses, chocolate, fruit and nut packets and popcorn. Its products come in traditional versions with butter and sugar, but some are also available in sugar-free and gluten-free versions. The Swiss Colony's products come in individual packages, and the company also creates gift baskets.

In the sweets category, The Swiss Colony produces baked goods like tortes, petits fours and small cakes. It makes chocolate chip cookies, in traditional and sugar-free form, along with brownies and assorted pastries. The Swiss Colony produces seasonal items, such as pecan pies, apple pies and pumpkin pies. The company also makes breads and ships coffee.

Chocolate and candy are another category of The Swiss Colony's products. This collection includes chocolate candies, truffles, toffee bars, fudge and mints. Shoppers can also find licorice and fruit-flavored sweets, along with chocolate-dipped treats.

In keeping with its Swiss heritage, The Swiss Colony's cheese selection includes popular types like Swiss and cheddar, and cheeses come in the form of traditional rinds and spreads. The brand also offers packages of meat and cheese, such as ham, bacon, jerky and sausage.

This brand packages and sells many popular gourmet nuts, like pecans, almonds, macadamia nuts and pistachios. Some nuts come in mixed packages and sell in fruit and nut combinations, which include dried fruit or chocolate-dipped fruit slices. When ordering, customers can choose from these packages or customize their own.