What Type of Products Are Available at Gordon Foods Marketplace?

What Type of Products Are Available at Gordon Foods Marketplace?

Gordon Food Service Stores sell restaurant-quality products for retail and wholesale customers, as of 2015. Its food product categories include grocery, dairy, fresh produce, beverages and frozen foods. Select Gordon Food Service Stores also sell fresh meat, including pork and poultry, as well as prepared entrées, pizza and ethnic cuisine.

The type of products sold in Gordon Food Service Stores is similar to those sold in many large supermarkets. Gordon Food Service also sells kosher-certified and gluten-free products, and the company maintains public copies of its kosher certification letters. Gordon Food Service offers a range of brands at each store, including its house brand and professional brands, such as Chef Francisco and Della Suprema.

In addition to food, Gordon Food Service Stores stock restaurant-quality food service paraphernalia and appliances, such as skillets and coffeemakers. Products are available by the case, and the number of units in a single case differs from product to product.

Some types of items included in the grocery category include canned goods, dry goods, baked goods, condiments and snacks. The dairy category is comprised of milk, eggs and cheese. Organic and conventional fruits and vegetables are available in the produce category.

The beverages category encompasses ready-to-drink liquids, such as soda, juice, drink mixes, water, coffee and tea. The Gordon Food Service website contains a PDF of all the products it sells in its stores.