What Type of Foods Are Available for Home Delivery Through Schwan?

Butcher-cut meats, seafood, produce, beverages and ice cream are some types of foods available for home delivery through Schwan. Schwan offers breakfast, lunch and dinner items, whole packaged meals, individual sides and desserts.

Schwan offers home delivery of special diet items that are available in each of its food categories, including gluten-free and organic. There are gluten-free baked items, such as muffins and bread, gluten-free pizzas and pasta. Vegetarian, low sodium, no added sugar and heart healthy are some other categories that encompass items under special diets.

Schwan features meals by Chef Jet for home delivery, as of 2015. Chef Jet, a former "Iron Chef America" contestant, specializes in traditional Chinese fare. Schwan features a low-calorie, diet-friendly collection called Live Smart, and Live Smart options are available in every category, including appetizers, entrŽes, ice cream, pizza and snacks.

Schwan offers single-ingredient and mixed-ingredient options within each food category for home delivery, both uncooked and cooked with added flavor. Under Beef, there is USDA choice beef sirloin or filet mignon, uncooked, or roasted beef tips and gravy.

Similarly, under the Seafood category there are seafood meals, fried or prepared seafood items and plain fish, such as uncooked tilapia loins. Schwan's prepared meals are grouped by entrŽe type, such as beef, pasta, skillet meals or Southwest meals.